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Leann Grimes – Cats & Dogs in Idaho


I’ve been pretty crazy about The Head and the Heart this year (starting in December) and was able to see them live back in February with Bret.  I knew they would get big this year…

Anyways, Shane Conerty (AKA Leann Grimes) put together an album full of wonderfully mixed songs.  The songs that really caught my ear were “Cats & Dogs in Idaho” and “Ms. Grimes.”  Shane doesn’t mashup any music but puts his own personal touch to the song, much like Big Z Remixes does.  I think this type of music needs its own name.  It’s not necessarily a “remix,” and it’s not a “mash-up…”

Hmm…  Things to consider.

Other dogs that can be found on the album include:

  • “Egyptain Robe”, by Miniature Tigers 
  • “Memory Boy”, by Deerhunter 
  • “Got To Move”, by CAKE 
  • “Under Cover Of Darkness”, by The Strokes 
  • “Shadow People”, by Dr. Dog 
  • “Mrs. Cold”, by Kings Of Convenience 
  • “Excuses”, by The Morning Benders 
  • “One Last”, by Avi Buffalo 
  • “Mary”, by Yellow Ostrich 
  • “World News”, by Local Natives 
  • “Keep Me In Mind”, by Little Joy 
  • “Summersong”, by The Decemberists 
  • “The Wild Hunt”, by The Tallest Man On Earth 

You can listen/download songs from the album from his bandcamp page.   You can also go to his SoundCloud page and download from there.  Once again, this is more chill music for you to add to you summer mixes.


Leann Grimes – Cats & Dogs in Idaho

Leann Grimes – Ms. Grimes

Leann Grimes – Got to Grime


The Head and the Heart Live @ Mr. Smalls


Bret and I are off to see The Head and the Heart with Dr. Dog tonight at Mr. Smalls Theatre (which is now sold out!)  As soon as I found out that THATH were coming to Pittsburgh, I bought tickets (back in November).  I am pretty amped to watch them play live.  I’ve been viewing the live sessions they did for KEXP radio for some time now, and if they perform half as well as they did there — I’ll be happy:

You can get a free download of their song “No One To Let You Down” by signing up for their newsletter here.  If you want to see them on the big stage, they will be performing at Bonnaroo.  Big year for THATH?  I hope.

The Head and the Heart – Down in the Valley

The Head and the Heart – Sounds Like Hallelujah

The Head and the Heart – Ghosts

>the head and the heart + dr. dog



I’ve posted about this band before and can’t WAIT to see them perform here in Pittsburgh in February.  They’re going on tour with Dr. Dog starting January 28.  If they’re coming to your area, you should definitely go.  It’s going to be a fun and epic night!

Take a listen to The Head and the Heart below and visit their MySpace page:

Sounds Like Hallelujah by theheadandtheheart
Ghosts by theheadandtheheart
Down in the Valley by theheadandtheheart
Cats and Dogs by theheadandtheheart

And listen to Dr. Dog here:

TOMS :: Dr Dog :: The Breeze by TOMSshoes
Dr. Dog – Shadow People by Dr Dog

>it don’t make no difference if you sit or if you stand



With October just around the corner next week, I am ready to bring out all the usual pumpkin suspects.  Starting on Friday next week, I plan on making my pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, pumpkin bread, and maybe some apple crisp if we go apple picking. 

I also decided that Bret and I need to start really thinking about we will be for Halloween.  Last year’s costumes were an epic fail.  People couldn’t tell if we were dogs or bunnies when in fact we were really sheep.  I think two things not to do this year would be:

1.  Don’t make our costumes on Halloween day.
2.  Don’t pick costumes that requires you to wear fleece all night.

We also need to figure out what Nutmeg could wear for when trick-or-treaters come.  I know that no matter what we pick, she is not going to be happy. 

On more of a music note, I ran across the band The Head and The Heart today.  Their one song “Down in the Valley” is a really beautiful song.  They are currently on tour with Vampire Weekend, which will probably gain them a solid fanbase over the next year.  I’ve only listened to a few songs, but I like what I’ve heard thus far.  Bret just said that it sounds like it should be in Cold Mountain which in my opinion, isn’t a bad thing.  This is definitely a more chill song to sit back and relax to.  I need to listen to songs like these in order to fill my Coldplay and Greg Laswelll void. 

Down in the Valley by theheadandtheheart