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Weekend Playlist 8.12.11


Oh boy.  I have to get this out of my system first.  I think I can speak for everyone when I say that when I hear the “Jersey Shore,” there is one person that always comes to mind…

Ok.  Got that out of my system.  Bret and I are headed to the Jersey Shore this weekend.  It’ll be nice to have a little break with some sun, sand, and saltwater.  Obviously, I made an epic playlist for mine and Bret’s drive to NJ, but I was nice enough to include some of the songs for you guys for the weekend.  Bret appropriately named our playlist JERSEYLICIOUS.

Oh yea.  We’re good to go…

Catch ya’ on Monday!


>i whip my hair back ‘n forth


>Today I feel wonderful.  I feel great.  I feel like I can accomplish anything.

A bunch of people are coming over, so I’m going to leave you with this short and simple post.

Please let our feathered friend below pump you up for the weekend.  Bret just showed me this video as soon as we got home from work, and it made me laugh and smile so much…

I know I can’t match his hair-whipping.