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>stay toasty! … with a playlist



Bret and I got Nutmeg a new bed last week since her old sheepy bed was completely falling apart.  We both were sick of finding fleecy balls on the backs of our legs and the bottom of our sweaters.  As you can see above, Nutmeg truly hates her new bed.

So, according to weather.com, a huge “crippling ice storm” is expected to hit Pittsburgh sometime tonight/tomorrow.  That’s sweet — exactly what I was looking forward to going into this week.  It probably won’t be as bad as what the meteorologist is saying.

Ok.  Maybe it will be bad.

Anyways, I made a nice playlist (full of a variety of new + old songs) for you all in case you get trapped inside this week!  Get your groceries tonight, prepare yourself this ENTIRE WEEK for the Steelers Super Bowl, and make yourself cozy (much like Nutmeg has this past week).
Doesn’t sound too demanding, does it?
Songs on the playlist include:
Matt Nathanson – Little Victories
Mumford and Sons – Feel the Tide
Timmy Curran – Moving On
Gregory Alan Isakov – That Moon
Matt Costa – Astair
Iron & Wine – Love and Some Verses
Mumford and Sons – White Blank Page
Arcade Fire – Wake Up
Regina Spektor – On The Radio
White Stripes – We’re Going to Be Friends
Blind Pilot – 3 Rounds and a Sound
Avett Brothers – Murder in the City
Neutral Milk Hotel – King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1
Bon Iver – Blindsided
The Veils – Sit Down By the Fire
Spoon – I Summon You
Hey Rosetta! – Yer Spring


>matt costa – lullaby



It’s 2:00 am in the morning. “The Hangover” is on and me, Bret, and Nutmeg are all bundled up on the couch. At first, we were watching it, but that lasted about an entire minute. Bret and Nutmeg are completely asleep. Once I’m done making this post, I will close my computer and take Poor Sleepy Bret and Nutmeg to bed.

I muted the movie, and our place was silent for a good bit. Then I thought: “I wish I could play some music to put some happy dreams in both Bret and Nutmeg’s heads.”

I didn’t play any music since I was afraid I’d wake them up. However, if I could play any song, I would play this old Jack Johnson + Matt Costa song called “Lullaby.” I used to send this song to Bret whenever we were apart from each other for weeks during college breaks…